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A small selection of our Polyurethane moulds


Our Polyurethane moulds are excellent value. These moulds are very strong and long lasting and yet are easy to demould. The moulds are able to produce a highly detailed finish with deep undercuts. They produce 'top of the range' stoneware which can be sold at a high premium, enabling our customers to maximise their profits. 

Before filling the moulds with the mix, a light coating of Harristone release agent should be applied to the inside of the mould to facilitate easy removal of the dried stoneware from the mould. Please only use Harristone release agent, as other release products can be harmful to the moulds. 

With many different types of Polyurethane on the market, you can rest assured that our Polyurethane moulds are made from the highest quality and most suitable grade, which after extensive use have given excellent results and are regarded as almost unbreakable during normal use and yet are so easy to demould. As the moulds are flexible, a wooden support case should be made up to support the outside of each mould. From first use and occasionally thereafter, a dusting of talc should be applied to the outside of the mould so that removal from the support case is made easy when demoulding. It is recommended that a few small holes are drilled at the bottom of the support case to let in air and prevent a vacuum during removal of the mould from the support case. 

We are very proud of our range of Polyurethane moulds which are proving to be a real asset to our customers, who invariably order more from us to keep up with the demand for the high quality finish stoneware which the moulds produce.

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