Welcome to our special offers web page, through which we can provide our customers with some exceptional offers. These offers are valid for as long as they are shown on this web page and whilst stocks last. To order any of these special offers, please telephone or email us. To qualify for these exceptional prices, you must quote the applicable web special offer reference number that is shown below with each of our special offers. New offers will appear on this page regularly, so keep watching this page to take advantage of these fantastic savings. All prices shown are subject to V.A.T.

Web Special offer reference number 052

Red Granule Pigment

High strength red micro granule pigment, giving a rich plumy red colour.

Per 25kg bag    £20.00

Web Special offer reference number 051

A.B.S. Moulds Whilst Stocks Last
Minimum order of 10 per mould type

Rivenstone paving 450 x 225 x 37    £2.00
Rivenstone paving 225 x 225 x 37    £1.50
Herrigbone paving 450 x 450 x 37    £2.80
Apex pier cap 280 x 280  £2.50
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 5  £4.70
Rivenstone path winder 450 x 37  £3.50
Victorian path edging 450 x 200  £2.00
Balustrade rails curved top or bottom  £4.00
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 1  £2.25
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 2  £2.25
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 6  £4.45
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 7  £4.45
Rivenstone rotary paving No. 8  £4.45
York flagstone rotary paving No.1   £2.25
York flagstone rotary paving No.2   £2.25
Rivenstone hexagon 450 wide £4.50
York flagstone rotary paving No.10   £6.00
York flagstone rotary paving No.11   £4.00
York flagstone rotary paving No.12   £3.00
York flagstone rotary paving No.13   £4.00
York flagstone rotary paving No.14   £6.00

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