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The Product

Titanium Dioxide: Also known as TiO2, this white dye is a high quality rutile grade and is readily available.
This white pigment consists of a minimium 95% pure titanium dioxide and has a high resistance to most chemicals, is very durable and highly opague.
As a titanium dioxide supplier UK and titanium dioxide supplier EU we have supplied this product for many years to a range of industries. As titanium dioxide powder suppliers we are able to provide quotations and supply the product in specific pack sizes and in various packaging types to meet customers requirements. Sample amounts can be supplied for testing purposes. This product is normally
supplied in 25KG bags.

Please contact us for any further advice.


The following costs do not include V.A.T. (where applicable) or delivery charges.


1x 25kg
(per bag)

15 - 39 25kg
(Per Bag)

40x 25kg





Titanium dioxide 2kg sample pack
Titanium dioxide 25kg bag
Titanium dioxide 1000kg pallet ready for dispatch

What our titanium dioxide product is used for.

Please Contact Us should you require any further advise for the following:

Titanium dioxide for concrete
Titanium dioxide for cement
Titanium dioxide for paint
Titanium dioxide for plastics
Titanium dioxide for plastic
Titanium dioxide for rubber
Titanium dioxide for plaster
Titanium dioxide for surface coatings
Titanium dioxide for coating formulations
Titanium dioxide for adhesives
Titanium dioxide for sports pitches
Titanium dioxide for tennis courts
Titanium dioxide for white lines
Titanium dioxide for road markings


We pride ourselves on our prompt and low cost delivery service.
Many UK deliveries are next day for either single items or pallet orders at very reasonable cost,
providing the customer with an efficient and cost effective titanium dioxide UK supplier.
Carriage charges are available from us for UK and Worldwide distribution and
orders may be collected from our premises free of delivery charges.

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